How to Use Clipless Curling Iron, Using Clipless Curling Iron

Tips on How to Use Clipless Curling Iron



When you want to curl your hair you have to know how to use clipless curling iron as follow.

1.     Find designated area in which your hair will be curled. First of all you need to clear out this part.

2.     Prepare the curling iron, heat protectant spray, brush or comb, curl holding spray, and clip for hair. Make sure you take big clip.

3.     Heat the curling iron until you get the suitable heat by plugging it. The heat can be adjusted to the heat that you want for your hair.

4.     Make parts of hair that you can do by using your finger. It is easier that you separate the hair parts into two parts. Make upper and lower segment and then clip half part of the hair, while the other part is sprayed with heat protectant spray. Use brush or comb to ease you in spraying the hair and get good result.

5.     Take the heated curling iron and take one inch of hair section. Wrap the hair section around the wand of the curling iron and hold it for about five to ten seconds. After all let if fall off from the curling iron gently.


Learning How to Use Clipless Curling Iron

For those who never use this device may find it a bit difficult in using clipless curling iron. However, when you get used to it you will be able to do it yourself well. You should notice several things:

1.     Don’t let your finger or hand touch the iron part as it can hurt your skin

2.     Try to always be careful in holding it and applying it on your hair

3.     Make sure you have mirror in front of you to see how you do this ironing

4.     You may take some expert lesson if you never use this and want to learn more

With those tips above, it is expected that you will be able to make your hair more beautiful on your own. You can also feel more confidence by having many kinds of hair style that you like.