How to Use Spiral Curling Iron

Curling hair sometimes can be quite difficult to do on your own. However, by following the right tips of doing it you may find it easier to do. You can choose tips that you want based on the kind of method that you like. If you want to use spiral curling iron you can choose proper tips on how to use spiral curling iron.


Differences on Clamps and Spiral

Before you start curling your hair by using spiral it will be better for you to notice the difference of clamps and spiral so that you know how the result will be given on both methods. These are the differences:

·         In hair clamp the curling iron uses the length of the barrel of the iron for curling, while in spiral it uses shorter clamp for ironing.

·         The small clamp offers winding spiral.


Steps to Curl Hair Using Spiral

To ease you in curling your hair by using spiral and to give you preferred spiral curling iron results you should follow the bellow steps.

1.     Divide the hair to sections. This is done to give you easiness in doing the curling and to give maximum curling result as by sectioning it you can reach the whole parts of the hair.

2.     Take half inch of hair and run it by using iron.

3.     Fast the end of the hair

4.     Twist the iron up and around and then wind the sectioned hair using iron’s barrel

5.     Hold the iron 5-10 seconds. Do not do this too long as it can damage the hair.

6.     Release the hair by releasing the barrel

7.     Mist the hair with spray. The spray is used to keep the curling result to last longer.

For your notice, to keep your hair healthy and shiny you have to use proper shampoo and use the right conditioner. You can do certain hair treatment by using herbal products that are safer to be used and give you maximum healthy hair. This is because when you use too much ironing there will be parts of the hair that easily damaged by the heat. For high quality product you can take Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron as your choice with its incredible quality for your satisfaction.