How to Use Curling Iron with Clamp

From time to time the hairstyle changes and today seems to be the time for curling hair style. There are a lot of ways that people can do to curl their hair and it depends on the kind of curling they want. One of the ways that most people do is by clamping. To make perfect hair curling using clamp there are certain things that need to be considered.


Sizes to be Concerned for Curling Iron

1.     For small curling 75 inch would be perfect and this is recommended for normal or short hair long.

2.     For basic curls you can use 1 inch size of curling iron.

3.     For more volume effect you can use 1.5 up to 2 inch of curling iron size.


Proper Materials to be used for Curling

Before you do curling it will be better that you know the proper material for curling to avoid certain mistakes and to give you perfect result on curling as you wish. In this case you need to select the right iron with the right materials that will not damage your hair. You can choose materials like:

1.     Ceramic. The material can produce gentle hair and they are capable of controlling the heat that will not easily damage your hair. The material can also produce negative ions that are safe for hair.

2.     Tourmaline. Such ceramic tourmaline is also recommended to be used for curling iron as it releases negative ions that help your hair protecting it from the heat produced by the iron.

For your alternative product you may choose Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron that gives you perfect curling solution for you.

Steps to Curl Hair

To give you curling result as you expect there are several steps that you can follow and these are steps that you can do on how to use curling iron with clamp.

1.     For long and medium hair the curling can be started from back of the head. Separate the hair and roll it from tip to hair section.

2.     Secure the hair with the clamp and roll it up to one inch from the scalp then hold the rolled hair for ten seconds.

3.     Release the rolled hair carefully.

4.     Do it repeatedly.