Sedu vs Solia Flat Iron

Sedu versus Sola Flat Iron

Sand they’re best flat iron for thick and wavy hair loved by clients around the globe.  But are they any versions?  what is the best flat iron ? Sedu or Solia.

Before we compare the Solia hair styling iron with this particular using the Sedu hair styling iron, we’ll first list off a couple of from the primary features shared by both. Sedu flat iron include two different plate sizes: 1-½ and 1 “. Solia flat iron include four different plate sizes nonetheless its 1-¾ and 1-¼ inch models are its most widely used to ensure that because these roughly match the dish dimensions using the Sedu, so we’ll compare these models against Sedu.

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The Plates

Both sedu and solia flat irons have tourmaline plates. Just in case you will buy an appartment iron you have to purchase a model with tourmaline plates. Essentially, tourmaline emits negative ions that have been shown to secure moisture towards the hair follicle and help straighten hair without excessive warmth damage. Both Sedu and Solia are American-designed hair hair straighteners, though are both really created in cHina. Have 1-year warranties. Have quick warmth-up occasions throughout the under a few seconds.


When we compare about Sedu vs solia flat iron with their weight, the Sedu wins within the Solia hair straightening iron. The Sedu 1 inch tourmaline hair straightener is 0.5lbs while the Solia 1 ¼ inch tourmaline hair straightening iron weighs in at about at 1.2lbs. Weight does indeed create a variation mainly since the moment you’re styling hair, your hair straightener you’re using will definitely start to become heavier.


You will possibly not continually be very intrigued in relation to hair straightener designs, however should you choose, the Solia tourmaline hair straightener appears a lot more elegant compared to Sedu. The Solia offers a far greater contoured style and design compared to Sedu. The formerly pointed out are just minor versions. Nonetheless you’ll find a few more factors why the Solia Ceramic Ion Hair straightener is actually the apparent champion. It’s Dynamic Alignment System employed by Solia hair straightening iron and its value

The Heat

Both Sedu vs solia flat iron include variable configurations. Nonetheless, the Solia simply nudges ahead due to the fact its warmth setting ranges from 140F – 450F, whereas the Sedu hair straightening iron features a somewhat narrow range: 240F – 410F.

Deep Comparison

The Solia flat iron has an advanced of negative ions because of the ceramic and tourmaline plates. This greatly reduces frizz and static electricity much better than ceramic plates alone. The Solia irons also boast the Dynamic Alignment system, which enables the plates to slightly rotate creating perfect contact between your two plates. This totally reduces all pressure points and locations that typically cause warmth damage.

The Sedu straightener can also be getting rave reviews from clients in addition to celebs. The Sedu also consists of the very good quality ceramic and tourmaline plates that make the higher level of negative ions. The Sedu plates will vary though simply because they also have a sprucing up process making the plates extra smooth. This enables the iron to glide with the hair easily and very easily.

You’ll find two further explanations why the Solia Ceramic Ion Hair straightening iron becomes the apparent champion: the Dynamic Alignment System utilized by Solia hair straightening iron as well as cost. The Dynamic Alignment System utilized in the Ion ceramic plates from the Solia hair straightening iron is self-modifying, which supports to provide perfect contact between hair and plate. Meaning locations are avoided that induce injury to hair.

The Dynamic Alignment System also functions like a pressure equalizer that will help stay away associated with a specific pressure points throughout the styling process, therefore enabling the Solia hair straightening iron to operate through the hair easily without tugging.

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Sedu hair straighteners are about 50% more costly than Solia hair straighteners. Sedu hair straighteners have acquired recognition due to their connection to Jennifer Aniston. Many wish to have exactly the same look and think that utilizing a Sedu tourmaline hair straightener will provide them with this. Although this is correct, perfectly straight, shiny, sleek hair could be acquired using other brands of hair straightener.

But there’s without doubt that the tourmaline hair straightener from Sedu is really a top ranked product and provides on its commitment of creating smooth, straight hair. Even though warm up duration of the Sedu Ionic Ceramic hair straightener isn’t as quick as another brand, it continues to be available in just 25 seconds.

Home plate sizes of Sedu hair straighteners are generally 1 or one and a half inches. Your body from the Sedu hair straightener is made of high-strength composite materials, making the Sedu among the least heavy hair straighteners around the market.

Should you still confuse what is the best flat iron? here’ will give a short description about sedu and solia flat irons features:

Sedu vs Solia Feature

Sedu Professional features:

  • 1-1/2″ Ceramic Tourmaline plates
  • Variable temperature configurations, 240°F-400°F
  • Versatile styling ability, lightweight

Solia Tourmaline features:

  • 1-1/4″ Ceramic Tourmaline plates
  • Variable temperature configurations, 170°F-400°F
  • Dynamic Alignment System prevents harm to hair
  • All hair measures and textures
  • 2-year warranty
  • Medium to longer measures, all textures
  • 2-year warranty

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Finally, Sedu vs solia flat irons are extremely similar within their features and also you really can’t fail with one. I’d say that for those who have very thick or curly or difficult hair then you might like to opt for the Sedu Hair Straightener, but when you’ve normal hair and you simply want a great hair straightener in an affordable cost, go using the Solia Hair Straightener.