How to Use Flat Iron on Short Hair

Using Flat Iron for Short Hair

It might be a bit hard for a beginner to use flat iron to straighten their hair although they have short hair. However, with good tips on How to use flat iron on short hair it will be easier for them. At least they need to practice and when they get used to they will be able to control their hands on moving it to shape the kind of hair they like using this ‘magic’ tool. For this reason, here are some tips that you can follow whenever you want to appear differently with your hair.

Proper Way on Using Flat Iron

1.     The first thing that you need to do before you straight your hair is to turn on the tool. Make sure that the flat iron has enough heat to straighten your hair. You can adjust the heat as you like based on the volume of the hair that you want to straighten.

2.     Comb the hair to ease in straightening it and to obtain better straight hair result

3.     Apply protective serum on your hand using your palm. Rub this to the whole parts of hair that you want to iron. This serum helps reducing the possible damage on your hair after it is being straightened.

4.     For short hair you can use half inch size of flat iron and if you have a bit longer hair you may use the one inched flat iron.

5.     Make your hair in section and clamp it with the flat iron slowly. Move it downwards to have smooth and falling hair result.

6.     If you find hard parts of hair to iron you can clip the hair to ease you reaching the hard parts.

You can repeat the moving downwards until the whole part of the hair is strengthened enough. You may repeat once or twice if you still want to have more straight result. But do not put too much heat as it can damage your hair.