How to Choose Flat Iron Size

The Use of Flat Iron

Flat iron is a product innovation as part of fashion and beauty. The use of such iron is not to smooth cloths as common iron that you may find but to smooth hair. This is the result of modern technology that helps people to appear in the way they like. Due to the fact that people have different types of hair in which someone has straight hair, curly, and wavy. Today those who feel bored with curly or wavy hair may use this flat iron to straighten their hair. Therefore, the design is made quite handy and easy to use for better result. However, carelessly choosing flat iron product will result problems towards your hair and thus you should know how to choose flat iron size and type of flat iron.

Tips on Choosing Flat Iron Size

Here are some tips that you can do to choose flat iron size:

1.     Make sure that you buy flat iron that is supported with heating set that would suitable with the texture of your hair. You can see it from the thickness of your hair or whether you have curly hair. For this kind of hair you need flat iron with heat from 380 up to 410. For normal hair the heat is 360 up to 380, and for fine hair the temperature is below 360 degree.

2.     For short hair you can use mini flat iron. The size is half inch up to quarter inch for normal and wavy hair and size 1 or 1 and half is enough for curly and thick hair.

3.     For shoulder length hair, larger plate of flat iron is needed. The size of 1 up to 1 and half inch plate is needed for normal and wavy hair type, while 1 up to 2 inches is needed for curly and thick hair type.

4.     For below shoulder hair, 2 inches of size is needed. You can also use size 1 and half inches.

5.     For normal fine hair, you can use any kind of size that you like as it will be no problem for you.

If you are capable to choose flat iron width with the right size for the type of your hair it will reduce your problem in using it. Moreover, with the right size you will feel more convenient and gain the best straight result as you need.