Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Seeks for the Best Clipless curling Iron for 2012? Unlike flat irons, there are less brands that produce Curling iron, especially the clipless curling iron. Amika is one of the most favorite brand for clipless curling iron. I also can’t find comprehensive Amika Clipless Irons reviews yet, that’s why I create this post.

The Product

Amika clipless curling iron is one of the best clamless curling iron I have ever seen. Clipless curling iron is the new kids on the block, they made because there are lots of people unsatisfied with the result of regular curling iron that leaves crimp mark on your hair – which is looks bad. The price might be higher than the same product from other brand, it’s because Amika use tourmaline iron barrel to curl the hair. Tourmaline is well known as a material that won’t damage hair because it release a negative ion that will make your healthy and shiny. Amika clipless curling iron has cute packaging and lots of variants and color. They have black, purple, pink and even cuter design like the tattoo design and zebra pattern.

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- Ready to use in 60 seconds

- Only 10 seconds needed to create perfect curly hair

- Free glove

- Tourmaline Barrel (won’t damage your hair)

- Cute packaging

Customer Review

In (here’s link to the review), I see there are people who really satisfied with this product. With only 10 seconds of heating, people get long lasting curls that stays for the whole day. Sure, there are some drawbacks too, like you could burn yourself with 400 Fahrenheit iron if you’re not used to use it. But if you practice enough, I’m sure you can use it smoothly without any harm to your skin. Amika also aware of this problem, that’s why they give a long glove to cover your hand when curling the hair.

By the way, I found a really cool tutorial and review about babexo who use Amika Clipless curling iron to create awesome curly hairstyle. You should check it out!

The Price

Because it’s fairly new invention, the price still quite expensive – about USD $250 in most retail store. However, if you buy online, you will get better price. In, you will get this Amika Clipless curling iron just for USD $ 105, way cheaper than in retail store. Folica also occasionally have coupon codes that will help you save more when shopping online, make sure to take advantage of it.

That’s my Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews, I hope it helps your research of the best clipless curling iron that suits your needs.

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