Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Review of Solia Flat Irons compared to Chi

Review of Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Rating: ★★★★½ 

They might not be the very best money can purchase, but you will be purchasing an excellent styling tool in a very economical cost. The benefit of a Solia tourmaline flat iron may be the features per dollar that you will get. When in comparison to Sedu you will find shiny things cost round the same however, you get less features having a Sedu.

When in comparison to CHI hair straightener you receive exactly the same features however the CHI costs much more. The solia hair straightener provides you with the salon-style look you have been looking for. These irons not just cost under other popular brands, however they have the most recent technology in hair care items. solia tourmaline flat iron will leave hair feeling healthy, shiny and sexy.

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My Opinion of Solia Ceramic Iron

After I did a extensive research about Solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron, no wonder why it become an indispensible a part of my girl’s hair regimen. I really like the little plate size since you can roll your hair round the fringe of the iron and obtain it to curl under. This prevents hair opting for days. We’re able to just freshen up using this tourmaline ceramic iron, you don’t need to dry my hair out by washing and blow drying out each day. Basically when your hair are exposed to just a little rain and obtain frizzy, we can simply fix it using the iron. I really like the product!

I must admit this product is REALLY great! You receive solid ceramic plates which have been implanted with tourmaline – tourmaline is really a very that naturally produces 6 occasions more negative ions than does ceramic negative ions seal cuticles so that your hair maintains moisture therefore remaining straighter for extended as well as your hair suffers less warmth damage.

You receive variable warmth control from between 140F and 450F – the CHI hair straightener (original version) has only fixed temperature with no tourmaline plates, but is really a more costly tool. Also, it may be used on moist hair – most hair straighteners offered can be used on perfectly dry hair only. Warm up time is simply seconds.

You might also need a choice of purchasing more specialized tools such as the Solia Universal Dual Current hair straightener. It arrives with 1″ plates, is a touch heavier compared to models already talked about, weighing 2.2lbs and includes automatic dual current control, permitting you to employ it all over the world. It arrives with plug prongs that may be modified to ensure that it’ll plug into any socket.

Its portability is further underlined because it also has a 12 Volt vehicle adapter so may even utilize it inside your vehicle. The plates are ceramic there is however no tourmaline that is a real shame. It sells for approximately $100 that we think is excellent value for this type of portable tool.

If you are looking for tip endorsed hair straighter, later on solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron is really a suggestion. Many good reviews already proof a peculiarity of the product. The solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron finished with many different abilities that produces it good product. Should you instruct to understand serve of the place anticipating tools, only review a categorical facilities below.

Before and After using Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron

Here’s the before photo after using Solia tourmaline iron review I’ve found from Folica. Again, please refer to our Disclosure Policy regarding Testimonials used in this website.

Before and after photo using Solia Flat Irons

Customer Review

Here is customer review of Solia Flat Iron. Please refer to for further information regarding Solia’s customer review

 Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron review

And here is another one

Please refer to Folica website for more customer review

Technical Specification of Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron

  • Ceramic/Tourmaline ion plates give a shinier, silkier result in lesser time
  • Designed to work well with both dry and damp hair
  • Wide enough for short, medium and even long hair, yet narrow enough for bangs
  • Feature the patented Dynamic Alignment System
  • 120V 60Hz for use in US/Canada with one-year limited warranty


The Negatives

Most likely my greatest complaint concerning the Solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron is one of the costs, personally I think a bit costly.


Overall Review

Overall I’m Extremely Pleased with solia tourmaline hair straightener! This can be a very satisfying product. If you’re searching for a much ranked hair straighter, then take a look at the solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron. This solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron offers superb abilities and also the perfect option for hair straighter.

Here are a few findings I’ve found in Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron from Other People’s Points Of View

1. It can be used with very wild hair and that one keeps hair smooth

2. it will get hot and slides smooth.

3. The Solia runs through hair like butter!

4. Great investment. It’s a solid product worth every cent.

5. it takes only one pass to obtain hair completely straight.

6. It’s the best to buy for any straightener that I have seen.

With that said it’s a great hair straighter and that I highly suggested it. You can purchase solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron now!!!


Where are you able to Buy solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron?

You can purchase solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron from many alternative online shops available. We simply research for you personally and lastly get the best online shop to buy solia tourmaline ceramic flat iron is on Folica, the best online shop for Hair Irons. There are also many review available, including their Top 10 Flat Iron review.

Ok, here is my review of Solia Tourmaline Hair Iron. I hope you enjoy our Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron review!

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Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Seeks for the Best Clipless curling Iron for 2012? Unlike flat irons, there are less brands that produce Curling iron, especially the clipless curling iron. Amika is one of the most favorite brand for clipless curling iron. I also can’t find comprehensive Amika Clipless Irons reviews yet, that’s why I create this post.

The Product

Amika clipless curling iron is one of the best clamless curling iron I have ever seen. Clipless curling iron is the new kids on the block, they made because there are lots of people unsatisfied with the result of regular curling iron that leaves crimp mark on your hair – which is looks bad. The price might be higher than the same product from other brand, it’s because Amika use tourmaline iron barrel to curl the hair. Tourmaline is well known as a material that won’t damage hair because it release a negative ion that will make your healthy and shiny. Amika clipless curling iron has cute packaging and lots of variants and color. They have black, purple, pink and even cuter design like the tattoo design and zebra pattern.

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- Ready to use in 60 seconds

- Only 10 seconds needed to create perfect curly hair

- Free glove

- Tourmaline Barrel (won’t damage your hair)

- Cute packaging

Customer Review

In (here’s link to the review), I see there are people who really satisfied with this product. With only 10 seconds of heating, people get long lasting curls that stays for the whole day. Sure, there are some drawbacks too, like you could burn yourself with 400 Fahrenheit iron if you’re not used to use it. But if you practice enough, I’m sure you can use it smoothly without any harm to your skin. Amika also aware of this problem, that’s why they give a long glove to cover your hand when curling the hair.

By the way, I found a really cool tutorial and review about babexo who use Amika Clipless curling iron to create awesome curly hairstyle. You should check it out!

The Price

Because it’s fairly new invention, the price still quite expensive – about USD $250 in most retail store. However, if you buy online, you will get better price. In, you will get this Amika Clipless curling iron just for USD $ 105, way cheaper than in retail store. Folica also occasionally have coupon codes that will help you save more when shopping online, make sure to take advantage of it.

That’s my Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews, I hope it helps your research of the best clipless curling iron that suits your needs.

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