Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

Curling hair can lead to a problem if you do not pay attention to the product that you choose. Besides, wrong steps and minimum hair treatment can lead to even more serious danger to your beloved hair. However, if your hair is already damaged and still want to curl your hair then you should selectively choose proper curling iron for your damaged hair.


Tips on Choosing Proper Curling Iron

These are things you should consider in choosing proper curling iron.

·         Choose a product that has quality to give you enough protection for your hair

·         Do not select metal iron because such metal can easily damage your hair. So when you use such metal iron your hair will get damaged even worse.

·         Choose flat iron such as it can give you magnificent result for your hair curling.

·         Try to choose a product that offers you ionic technology that produces negative ions as such negative ions keeps your hair humid so that the heat does not burn your hair and damage it while you are applying the curling iron on your hair.

·         Choose curling iron with high quality plate and one hundred percents original to protect your hair from any damage.

·         Choose product that is made of materials like ceramic and tourmaline. This is because those materials are the safest materials that can be used. The materials produce negative ions instead of positive ions that are good for hair.


Special Recommended Product for Damaged Hair Curling

For special recommendation, Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron is quite suitable for you as this product is the best flat iron for damaged hair. The product also has certain good points such as:

·         The product is capable of improving the health of your hair and does not damage it.

·         This product has smooth ceramic and tourmaline as the combination that gives perfect result for hair curling without giving bad impact on it.

·         As a matter of fact such combination ceramic and tourmaline in the product is considered as the safest combination for hair curling.

How to Use Flat Iron to Curl Hair

Going back and forth the whole time to salon must give you dizziness as you have to spend a lot of money for that just to curl your hair. This is why it would be better if you can do this curling thing on your own in your house so that you don’t need to spend your time, money, and energy on going to salon. If you don’t have the confident to do this at least you know things that you should notice before you do this on your own to smooth your first work on curling your own hair.


Follow the Instructions for Hair Curling

If you are a beginner it is important to follow any instructions for curling hair carefully. Combine it by doing direct practice although you might find bad result in the beginning you still need to continue. This is because by more practice you will get used to handle the curling iron.


Choosing Proper Hair Curling Iron

Before you take notice on how to use flat iron to curl hair it is important for you to know the right product to choose for your curling iron.

1.    Choose materials that are made of ceramic as this kind of material is safe to be used for your hair.

2.    If you cannot find ceramic you can have tourmaline as your alternative choice as this material gives you perfect ironing without damaging your hair.

3.    Avoid using metal material this is because such metal produces positive ions that have the effect of damaging your hair. The positive ions lets your hair to be heated easily that eventually reduce the nutrition of your hair and damage your hair after you use it for quite times.

4.    Choose product from brand that you have known or proven to give you high quality product such as the one offered by Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron or Solia Flat Iron (Read Sedu vs Solia Flat Iron Review here)


Instructions to Curl Hair with Flat Iron

If you want to curl your hair using flat iron you can choose proper instructions to curl hair with flat iron as follow.

1.     Curl the hair when it is already shoulder length as when it is shorter the curling will be failed as there will be no enough hair length to be curled.

2.     Pay attention for not washing hair before the hair is styled.

3.     To avoid possible burning let your hair dry completely and put down the temperature of the flat iron.

How to Use Spiral Curling Iron

Curling hair sometimes can be quite difficult to do on your own. However, by following the right tips of doing it you may find it easier to do. You can choose tips that you want based on the kind of method that you like. If you want to use spiral curling iron you can choose proper tips on how to use spiral curling iron.


Differences on Clamps and Spiral

Before you start curling your hair by using spiral it will be better for you to notice the difference of clamps and spiral so that you know how the result will be given on both methods. These are the differences:

·         In hair clamp the curling iron uses the length of the barrel of the iron for curling, while in spiral it uses shorter clamp for ironing.

·         The small clamp offers winding spiral.


Steps to Curl Hair Using Spiral

To ease you in curling your hair by using spiral and to give you preferred spiral curling iron results you should follow the bellow steps.

1.     Divide the hair to sections. This is done to give you easiness in doing the curling and to give maximum curling result as by sectioning it you can reach the whole parts of the hair.

2.     Take half inch of hair and run it by using iron.

3.     Fast the end of the hair

4.     Twist the iron up and around and then wind the sectioned hair using iron’s barrel

5.     Hold the iron 5-10 seconds. Do not do this too long as it can damage the hair.

6.     Release the hair by releasing the barrel

7.     Mist the hair with spray. The spray is used to keep the curling result to last longer.

For your notice, to keep your hair healthy and shiny you have to use proper shampoo and use the right conditioner. You can do certain hair treatment by using herbal products that are safer to be used and give you maximum healthy hair. This is because when you use too much ironing there will be parts of the hair that easily damaged by the heat. For high quality product you can take Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron as your choice with its incredible quality for your satisfaction.

How to Use Curling Iron with Clamp

From time to time the hairstyle changes and today seems to be the time for curling hair style. There are a lot of ways that people can do to curl their hair and it depends on the kind of curling they want. One of the ways that most people do is by clamping. To make perfect hair curling using clamp there are certain things that need to be considered.


Sizes to be Concerned for Curling Iron

1.     For small curling 75 inch would be perfect and this is recommended for normal or short hair long.

2.     For basic curls you can use 1 inch size of curling iron.

3.     For more volume effect you can use 1.5 up to 2 inch of curling iron size.


Proper Materials to be used for Curling

Before you do curling it will be better that you know the proper material for curling to avoid certain mistakes and to give you perfect result on curling as you wish. In this case you need to select the right iron with the right materials that will not damage your hair. You can choose materials like:

1.     Ceramic. The material can produce gentle hair and they are capable of controlling the heat that will not easily damage your hair. The material can also produce negative ions that are safe for hair.

2.     Tourmaline. Such ceramic tourmaline is also recommended to be used for curling iron as it releases negative ions that help your hair protecting it from the heat produced by the iron.

For your alternative product you may choose Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron that gives you perfect curling solution for you.

Steps to Curl Hair

To give you curling result as you expect there are several steps that you can follow and these are steps that you can do on how to use curling iron with clamp.

1.     For long and medium hair the curling can be started from back of the head. Separate the hair and roll it from tip to hair section.

2.     Secure the hair with the clamp and roll it up to one inch from the scalp then hold the rolled hair for ten seconds.

3.     Release the rolled hair carefully.

4.     Do it repeatedly.


How to Use Clipless Curling Iron, Using Clipless Curling Iron

Tips on How to Use Clipless Curling Iron



When you want to curl your hair you have to know how to use clipless curling iron as follow.

1.     Find designated area in which your hair will be curled. First of all you need to clear out this part.

2.     Prepare the curling iron, heat protectant spray, brush or comb, curl holding spray, and clip for hair. Make sure you take big clip.

3.     Heat the curling iron until you get the suitable heat by plugging it. The heat can be adjusted to the heat that you want for your hair.

4.     Make parts of hair that you can do by using your finger. It is easier that you separate the hair parts into two parts. Make upper and lower segment and then clip half part of the hair, while the other part is sprayed with heat protectant spray. Use brush or comb to ease you in spraying the hair and get good result.

5.     Take the heated curling iron and take one inch of hair section. Wrap the hair section around the wand of the curling iron and hold it for about five to ten seconds. After all let if fall off from the curling iron gently.


Learning How to Use Clipless Curling Iron

For those who never use this device may find it a bit difficult in using clipless curling iron. However, when you get used to it you will be able to do it yourself well. You should notice several things:

1.     Don’t let your finger or hand touch the iron part as it can hurt your skin

2.     Try to always be careful in holding it and applying it on your hair

3.     Make sure you have mirror in front of you to see how you do this ironing

4.     You may take some expert lesson if you never use this and want to learn more

With those tips above, it is expected that you will be able to make your hair more beautiful on your own. You can also feel more confidence by having many kinds of hair style that you like.


Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Seeks for the Best Clipless curling Iron for 2012? Unlike flat irons, there are less brands that produce Curling iron, especially the clipless curling iron. Amika is one of the most favorite brand for clipless curling iron. I also can’t find comprehensive Amika Clipless Irons reviews yet, that’s why I create this post.

The Product

Amika clipless curling iron is one of the best clamless curling iron I have ever seen. Clipless curling iron is the new kids on the block, they made because there are lots of people unsatisfied with the result of regular curling iron that leaves crimp mark on your hair – which is looks bad. The price might be higher than the same product from other brand, it’s because Amika use tourmaline iron barrel to curl the hair. Tourmaline is well known as a material that won’t damage hair because it release a negative ion that will make your healthy and shiny. Amika clipless curling iron has cute packaging and lots of variants and color. They have black, purple, pink and even cuter design like the tattoo design and zebra pattern.

Buy Amika Clipless Curling iron



- Ready to use in 60 seconds

- Only 10 seconds needed to create perfect curly hair

- Free glove

- Tourmaline Barrel (won’t damage your hair)

- Cute packaging

Customer Review

In (here’s link to the review), I see there are people who really satisfied with this product. With only 10 seconds of heating, people get long lasting curls that stays for the whole day. Sure, there are some drawbacks too, like you could burn yourself with 400 Fahrenheit iron if you’re not used to use it. But if you practice enough, I’m sure you can use it smoothly without any harm to your skin. Amika also aware of this problem, that’s why they give a long glove to cover your hand when curling the hair.

By the way, I found a really cool tutorial and review about babexo who use Amika Clipless curling iron to create awesome curly hairstyle. You should check it out!

The Price

Because it’s fairly new invention, the price still quite expensive – about USD $250 in most retail store. However, if you buy online, you will get better price. In, you will get this Amika Clipless curling iron just for USD $ 105, way cheaper than in retail store. Folica also occasionally have coupon codes that will help you save more when shopping online, make sure to take advantage of it.

That’s my Amika Clipless Curling Iron Reviews, I hope it helps your research of the best clipless curling iron that suits your needs.

Buy Amika Curling iron